The Magical Money Alchemist Experience

Is for Female entrepreneurs that are starting to bloom in their business and want to become excellent stewards of their income so they can create lasting wealth in a way that feels harmonious and aligned.

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This will result in you having a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your money behaviour and patterns which is directly affecting your financial position! You will also come away with a deep insight that will create an immediate shift in perspective and the tools to propel you forward towards your desired goals

This is for you if…

  • You are feeling stuck financially and overwhelmed when it comes to money

  • Prefer to put your head in the sand than look at your numbers

  • Hungry to learn why you do what you do with money AND what to do about it

  • Burdened by past money mistakes and ready to heal and move forward

  • Need better money habits that feel aligned with who you are

  • You know there is a better way to live with money but have no idea where to start

  • You are ready to shift from struggle and lack mentality to thriving 

  • You want to break ingrained money cycles and patterns of behaviour

  • You feel money is not the be all and end all for you but you also recognise that money is important, and you want more of it

  • You want to get on top of your numbers and be in control

If you resonate with any of these statements…

then it is time to take the plunge and join me for this



The Magical Money Alchemist Experience

This one off, 2 hour 1:1 session will take you on a deep dive into your top 3 Sacred Money Archetypes so you can fully understand your money profile, how it is influencing your behaviour and how this might be showing up for you in your life right now, and empower with tools to use your insights to crate positive change in your money world.

Master your inner self, Master your money outcomes

Only for $222

Sacred Money Archetype Results

Take the sacred money archetypes quiz and have the FULL results sent directly to your inbox


Sacred Money Archetype Cards

3 beautifully designed pdf cards of your top 3 archetypes to visualise and articulate your money personality style


Deep Dive

The opportunity to talk about your numbers and set a path with a personally designed tool to help you create a money plan


1:1 Deep Dive
Session Outcomes

  • Deepen your understanding of your relationship with money

  • Uncover 1 key area were you continually sabotage your financial life

  • Shift perspective / Breakthrough current paradigm that can give you an instant change in feelings around money

  • Shine a light on positive personal attributes you can lean into to bring about a change in personal circumstances

Meet Renee

I opened my first business, a restaurant in the heart of the Melbourne, when I was 22 years old. 5 years later I filed for bankruptcy.

This experience led me on a long spiritual and personal introspective journey that has culminated taking a dive back into business with my partner and our business is a resounding success which also allows us to invest in property, currently having a portfolio exceeding $1million.

It didn’t happen overnight, but the journey from having nothing to living the life of your dreams is possible.

Now I share all the tools and insights with passion to help women just like you unlock their financial freedom and reach their ultimate money goals!

More about me
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